There’s a new wave of small-but-perfectly-formed luxury vehicles putting the fun, originality and exclusivity back into personal transport, says Alex Doak

Auto Fabrica Type 6 Motorbike

Very much a high-end, custom garage brand, Auto Fabrica is based out of an industrial unit in Southend-on-Sea, but their creations couldn’t look less kiss–uick. The Type 6 has been an evolving project since the very beginnings – one of four Yamaha XS650 bikes rescued from a farm in the depths of rural Cornwall and given a radical, design-led overhaul. The engine has been fully rebuilt with 0.5 oversize pistons, the frame modified by lowering the headstock two inches and moving it back slightly on the frame, creating the signature, clean top line flowing from the headlight though to the rear cowl. To create its scalloped profile, they crafted the tank and seat base as one single form, using hand rolled and formed 2.5mm aluminium.




Price – £42,000

Donor bike – Yamaha XS650 1978

Engine – 650cc

Power – 55bhp

Weight – 170kg

Max Speed – Untested

Suspension – Hagon rear shocks, lowered front forks


Cirrus Vision SF50 Plane

Since its inception in 1984, Minnesota-based Cirrus can genuinely claim to have pushed the boundaries of small, light, private aircraft building. The Vision SF50 jet takes things up a notch by creating a whole new niche in avitation: “the personal jet”, designed to be flown by the owner, not a pro’ pilot.  Mounted on a seamless monocoque carbon fuselage, the futuristic-looking “piggyback” engine and V-tail design aren’t just for show; they’re both novel solutions to reducing cabin noise. Even cooler? The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System – a rocket-deployed, 65-foot canopy that allows the craft to descend softly, which can already claim to saving over 100 lives in Cirrus’s SR20 and SR22 prop planes.




Price – $1.96 million

Body – Monocoque carbon

Maximum Ramp Weight – 6040 lbs (2740 kg)

EngineWilliams International FJ33-5A

Thrust – Approx. 1,800 lbs

Wingspan – 38.3 ft. (11.67 m)

Length – 30.7 ft. (9.42 m)

Max Cruise Speed – 300 KTAS

Range – 1,200 NM

Capacity – Modular seating for 5 adults + 2 children


Deep Flight Super Falcon Mark II Submarine

In a similar spirit to Cirrus Aircraft’s SF50, DeepFlight is pioneering a whole new transport class that places the owner firmly in the driving seat of an otherwise chauffeured experience. In this case, however, it’s beneath the waves rather than up in the sky. Almost resembling an aircraft in itself, DeepFlight’s flagship submersible is – unlike all other submarines – permanently positively buoyant, which while primarily a safety factor, means that hydrofoils are required to “fly” into the depths, and out of them, to spectacular effect. Indeed, the firm describes its Super Falcon as “hydrobatic”, capable of barrel rolls with dolphins, or spy-hopping out of the water like a whale.




Price – $1.7 million

Length – 5.9 m (19ft 4in)

Width – 2.7 m (8ft 10in) wings deployed; 1.4 m (4ft 7in) wings folded

Height – 1.6 m (5ft 3in)

Weight – 1,800 kg (4000 lbs)

Operating depth – 120 m (400 ft)

Payload – 250 kg (550 lbs)